Welcome to the Bar MC, home of fastriding horses.

Our grandfather, Andrew MacFarlane emigrated from Scotland and was one of the early homesteaders in Saskatchewan. His son George carried on Andrew’s keen interest in livestock. George had pastures and pens stocked with cattle,sheep, chickens, turkeys, and lots of horses. George’s brand was registered as the Bar MC. Son’s Les and Ken at an early age developed a keen in interest in the horses, evolving from cross bred ponies to fast quarter horses. Our first good quarter horses were imported from the states in the early 70’s. These mares brought the blood of Sugar Bars, Joe Reed and many of the top foundation running bred horses to our farm. Christy’s Lady was one of these mares, she was fast with a great turn. Christy was used on the ranch and won many a trophy and ribbon in competition. Christy’s Lady was our stepping stone to running quarter horses on the track.

Les winning another match race on Sonny


Today our running Quarter Horse band is steeped in the finest Dash for Cash and First Down Dash bloodlines available. Our Dash for Cash breeding stock is from Texas, Oklahoma and California. Our Stallion and mares are by leading sons and leading daughters representing the Dash For Cash line including World Champions on the top and down the bottom side of the pedigree. Our newest mare, A Mere Toast is by a World Record Setting daughter of Dash Ta Fame

Dash For Cash and his progeny have dominated the speed end of quarter horse racing, on the race track and in the barrel racing world. Dash for Cash and his top 2 siring sons, First Down Dash and Mr.Eye Opener have sired the earners of over $130 million plus on the track, they are the breeds dominant race sire line. The daughters of these 3 stallions have produced the race earners of over $140 million and counting. No other sire combined with all of his sons are anywhere close to those race earnings. For the last 10 years First Down Dash and his sire Dash For Cash have had their progeny: sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters etc. earn over $16 million in barrel racing. Dash For Cash’s grandson, Dash Ta Fame had led the way. The number 3 -10 top barrel sire lines combined are short of that figure.  Whether your interests are flat racing or barrel racing we have some of the finest bloodlines available.  Dash For Cash, First Down Dash, and the finest Dash Ta Fame  breeding is available through our breeding stock.

A visit with Dash for Cash in Texas


Our mare band offers some of First Down Dash breeding.

Our mare band offers some of First Down Dash’s finest breeding.


We first saw the future all time leading barrel sire when he was standing in Utah.  After years of searching for high end FAME breeding we bought A MERE TOAST from California.  Her dam, A MERE FAME was one of DASH TA FAMES fastest runners, setting 2 track records and a World Record.  We also saw A MERE FAME in Oklahoma as an older broodmare, powerful and classy.


Our Throroughbred band and specifically stallion, Unification is represented by Black type winners representing the leading Thoroughbred sire line of all time,Northern Dancer. Northern Dancer was the Canadian bred colt that changed the entire Thoroughbred game. When Northern Dancer won the Kentucky Derby and put his stamp of incredible speed and stamina in his offspring the Thoroughbred breeding and racing industry in the World changed. Northern Dancer, the Canadian bred colt was small by thoroughbred standards but quite powerful with explosive bursts of speed. In North American and Europe he became the dominant sire line. His progeny constantly set records in the sale arena selling for millions of dollars while continuing to rack up Championships on the race track in North America and Europe. Towards the end of his stallion career his stud fee alone was $1,000,000. Unification represents one of the top male lines of Northern Dancer. Dixieland Band was 5 X Northern Dancers leading North America’s leading sire of money earners.


To compliment Unification our entire Thoroughbred broodmare band are mares that were brought up from the United States. All of these mares and are by Grade 1 Stake winners and sires.

Our goal is to raise fastriding horses. The factors that go into our breeding stock are:
1) Speed/Talent, extremely genetic trait, our race breeding stock must have speed.
2) Conformation, the great speed horses are built to perform at high speeds.
3) Pedigree, talent and production on both sides of the pedigree.
4) Disposition, we look for fast horses quiet enough to be riding or performance horses.

We currently stand 2 stallions along with a small broodmare band. If you are interested in stallion services or any of our stock please contact us. We would love to talk to you about fastriding horses.

“To ride a horse is to ride the sky”
(author unknown)

dog maybe a mans best friend, but the horse wrote history – Author Unknown

Paddock time for Savannah Six at the legendary Blue Ribbons Downs, Oklahoma.

Eye An The Breeze, Canadian Challenge Winner race time in Los Alamitos

We first started flat racing of our running quarter horses in 1979, winning races in Idaho, Washington and Alberta. We have raced in California, Oklahoma, Idaho, Washington, Montana, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

 The horse paw and prance and neigh,
Fillies and colts like kittens play,
And dance and toss their rippled manes
Shining and soft as silken skeins;…
~Oliver Wendell Holmes